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Staff Recognition

San Mateo Medical Center congratulates the following staff for being recognized by their peers during National Hospital Week.

Nia, Burlingame Long-Term Care
Recognized by her peers in the category of: Team Player
“As you observe Nia doing her job with the residents on the units, her patience and desire for her residents to improve is evident. The residents are pleased when she is on duty to the point of asking for her when she is off duty. Nia has an attitude that exemplifies a true team player. She covers in the staffing office if we are short, she works on the floor as an extra pair of hands when she is not doing her assigned tasks, and she covers the reception desk if there is a need. Nia is one of a kind.”
Tina, Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES)
Recognized by her peers in the category of: Customer Service
“Tina is an outstanding right hand to the triage nurses, doctors, and patients in PES. She is an exemplary patient advocate, honest and professional in all her interactions and responds to patients compassionately at all time. Tina works hard without complaint, multi-tasking and performing wonderfully under extremely stressful conditions... and does it all with a smile.”
Alfonso, Burlingame Long-Term Care
Recognized by his peers in the category of: Customer Service
“Alfonso provides excellent customer service to both our staff and residents. He maintains a wonderful attitude while caring for all areas of our facility. Alfonso is prompt, efficient, and is very patient with everyone that he comes in contact with. He always responds quickly and follows up with projects that require meticulous attention. He greets you with a warm smile and is genuinely concerned about serving others without regard to his already overwhelming list of things to do.”
Jonathan, South County Clinics
Recognized by his peers in the category of: Leadership
“Jonathan is a well-liked, outstanding leader at San Mateo Medical Center. He managed the complete remodel of the Fair Oaks Children’s Clinic this past year which resulted in a beautiful, welcoming clinic for the community. He was also responsible for the transition of the Sequoia Teen Wellness Center to a newly built facility. Jonathan also has taken on the leadership role of the Cultural Competence leader for San Mateo Medical Center and has been instrumental in expanding the Health Care Interpreter Network (HCIN) system.”
Lupe, Willow Clinic
Recognized by her peers in the category of: Change Champion
“Lupe was chosen to be the PSA for the Open Access (OA) Team at Willow Clinic. Accepting this role would mean she would have to carve out a new way of communicating with patients and that the OA providers would be communicating with her much more than before. She never blinked at accepting the job. She took responsibility, asked for help when needed, and gave feedback to help define and develop the OA project. Lupe is always pleasant, never complains, but does give critical feedback when needed. She is pro-patient and always helpful.”